Aeris Muvmat


The Aeris Muvmat has a unique 3D topographical structure that gives your feet the feeling of standing on the forest floor. More precisely: on roots, stones and soft moss. The anti-fatigue mat stimulates your foot reflex zones and thus blood circulation. In addition, your posture is constantly adjusting a little. And if you move your feet, you don't create any mental problems either.


The resilient and relieving foam guarantees comfortable standing and is gentle on the joints. No matter whether with shoes, barefoot or socks - whether in the office, in production, in the laboratory or simply at home. The Aeris Muvmat works wherever standing for long periods of time is unavoidable. And who likes standing on hard ground? No one!

Bene bFriends


Batch.Works produces bFRIENDS with high-precision 3D printers in a decentralized production network. The 3D printing process uses no tools, produces no waste and only uses renewable energy sources. Due to order-related production, no warehousing is necessary.


A single continuous line traces the special silhouette of each product and demonstrates the character of the 3D printing process. Designed by the renowned London design office Pearson Lloyd , bFRIENDS was awarded the Red Dot Award in 2022.